Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My experience of Christ at Hope Church

Last weeks message at my church challenged us to find peace inour life with God. I was very happy and excited to see the many peoplewho went up to the stage steps and spent sometime with God. It is greatto see how we can help others through hardships and tribulation as theywalk with God.

The message of peace really spoke to me, since I am having someproblems at home between my parents and I. I know as brothers andsisters of Christ that you will lift my family up in my prayer, so thatwe may conquer our problems, that keep us from growing together

I can't begin to describe what Hope Church means to me. When I firstbegan coming to Hope, Mrs. Speake showed me God's love through her inthe many Sunday school lessons. Then I began the process ofconfirmation, where i gave my life to Jesus.

I didn't become a true friend of God until after I went on the YouthRetreat in Ocean City, MD two years ago where K.P Westmoreland really inspired me, and that was the moment when I was literally "on-fire" forGod. I went home from that retreat wanted to become closer to God

Today as I look past at the two retreats I have gone on with the YouthMinistry at Hope, they were both great opportunities that I am gladthat I didn't miss out on.

Today, I go to Hope to learn how I can one, become closer to God, but also to worship God with an amazing group of people.

I can't wait for the new school year to begin, because I know God hasso much planned for me and everyone of you. The youth ministry at Hopeis a safe heaven for so many kids on Sunday nights where we have fun,while also learning more about God.

For those who don't know this yet, God is calling me to become a youthpastor, and show the next generation of kids His Love and have a placeto get away from the many temptations of Satan.

I found this bible verse that amazingly relates to the message of peace that Pastor Jeff talked about last week.

Psalm 119:165

"Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble."

I am going to start trying to write weekly updates about different topics, and if you have any ideas let me know

god bless,